Priced for everyone

Unlimited public projects for free with private projects starting at $9/month.


$9 / private project / month

Public projects are free! For individuals working on personal projects. Work alone or collaborate with a group of trusted contributors.

Free private projects for students! See edu discount below.


$20 / private project / month

Public projects are free! For businesses and large projects that need multiple owners / admins, or read-only access to private projects. Team management, user-level permissions, branding opportunities and more.

Starting at $59 / month for 3 projects.


$79 / user / month

Host unlimited projects within the safety of your own servers. Billed annually with seats sold in packs of 5.

Starting at $4740 / year for 5 users, paid annually.

Are public projects really free?

Yup, public projects really are free and have access to all the same features private projects do. All accounts include unlimited public projects.

What's the difference between personal and organization accounts?

Personal accounts are your identity on Kumu. Everything you do is done within your personal account and you only need one.

Organizations help you group related projects under a central account that is managed through the personal accounts of the organization's owners / admins.

At the project level they're almost identical. The biggest difference is that organizations can give collaborators read-only access to projects while personal projects can only add contributors.

How many maps can I have in a single project?

As many as you need! Having unrelated maps in the same project can be distracting though, so we encourage you to group your maps into separate projects. There are no hard limits here though.

How many collaborators can I have in a single project?

As many as you need! Both public and private projects can have an unlimited number of collaborators at no extra cost. For personal projects, everyone you add to the project will be able to edit the project. Organizations allow members to be added with view-only access.

What if I need more projects?

We have larger plans with discounted pricing available by request, along with an enterprise version that's priced per seat instead of per project. Please contact us for more details.

Do you offer annual discounts?

We offer a 20% discount for annual payments.

Do you offer student / edu discounts?

Yes! Just shoot us an email from your .edu address with a little background on what you're working on and we'll hook you up.

Still have questions? Just ask!