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Join us at kumu.io or host a private instance of your own.


Join the community at kumu.io and create public projects for free! Pay to keep projects private and unlock premium features through Pro Workspaces.

Free public projects private projects starting at $9/month per project


  • Registration and unlimited public projects are always free
  • Two-week free trial of private projects
  • Projects can be grouped into independent workspaces
  • Unlimited collaborators, maps, and views inside each project
  • Full access to Kumu's core features—decorations, filters, clustering, spreadsheet imports, and much more
  • Embed interactive maps on your own blog or website
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Monthly subscriptions available for private projects and premium upgrades (see pro workspaces below)
  • Free private projects for students! See edu discount below.

Kumu Enterprise

Host a private instance of your own, on-premise or in the cloud. Recommended for teams working with highly sensitive data.

Request a quote based on your team's needs


  • All the premium features available on kumu.io
  • Self-hosted or cloud-hosted
  • Negotiable per-seat / needs-based pricing
  • 99.95% uptime SLA
  • SAML single sign-on
  • Air gap compatible
  • Priority support
  • Invoice billing
  • Training and consulting services available for an additional fee.



Workspace fee Think of workspaces as buckets you can use to group related projects. Subscriptions and billing are handled per workspace.
FREE $10/month
Public projects Public projects are visible to everyone and indexed by search engines. You control who can edit.
Unlimited Unlimited
Private projects Private projects can only be accessed by others with your permission. You control who can view and edit.
$9/month $20/month
Project collaborators In basic workspaces collaborators are able to view and edit projects they've been given access to. In pro workspaces you can choose to restrict access to view-only (see below).
Unlimited Unlimited
Project backups If you really mess things up we can restore a project for you from our backups. Pro workspaces are backed up hourly. Basic workspaces are backed up daily.
Daily Hourly
View-only collaborators Pro workspaces give you fine-grained access control. Give others view, edit, or admin rights to projects within the workspace.
Custom project branding Make a stronger impression by displaying your logo while your projects are loading and including your logo in the project watermark.
Project activity feeds Detailed activity feeds, showing the contributions of each individual within a project.
Real-time project commenting Allow collaborators to comment on the elements and connections within the project in real-time.
Private project archiving Pro workspaces have the option to archive private projects and keep them around without having to continue to pay for them. Projects can be unarchived for $20 if you need to edit them for any reason.
What is kumu.io?

kumu.io is our shared, globally-available instance of Kumu. It is hosted on AWS.

It is free to sign up and projects can be public or private.

When you join kumu.io, you join a platform that allows you to collaborate with other Kumu users around the globe.

The service is extremely secure. However, all customer data lives in the same database on the same servers. Customers that need additional security guarantees are encouraged to check out Kumu Enterprise.

What is Kumu Enterprise?

Kumu Enterprise allows you to run your own private instance of Kumu. This instance can be hosted on-premise by your IT team using a hypervisor, or we can host and manage it for you in the cloud.

Kumu Enterprise has been designed to work equally well on a publicly accessible server or a standalone air-gapped kiosk.

Profits from Kumu Enterprise are used to support our community offering at kumu.io.

Click here to learn more.

What's the difference between public and private projects?

Public projects are visible to everyone and indexed by search engines. You control who can edit.

Private projects can only be accessed by authorized users. You control who can view and edit.

Additionally, Kumu's privacy policy prohibits staff from accessing private projects except at the owner's request.

What are workspaces?

Think of workspaces as buckets you can use to group related projects. Each of these buckets has a unique name and billing profile.

Projects are accessed using a combination of the workspace name and the project name:

What's the difference between basic and pro workspaces?

Basic workspaces are managed by a single user and have access to Kumu's core features (including private projects).

When you join Kumu, a basic workspace is automatically created for you under your username. We call this your personal workspace.

Basic workspaces can be upgraded to pro workspaces for $10/month. This upgrade unlocks a number of additional branding, billing, and collaboration features for the workspace and all projects within it. See the pricing cards above for a detailed list.

Can you give me a free-use example?

Your professor has asked you to join Kumu for a course project.

You are told to create two projects capturing wicked problems you've personally experienced in your community. You do such an amazing job she asks you to keep them available forever.

Since both projects are public (free) and you're using a basic workspace (free) your monthly bill would be $0/month forever.

Request our student discount if the projects need to be private!

Can you give me a paid example?

Your boss has asked you to map the commercial relationships of your three biggest competitors.

To lighten the work you invite a dozen coworkers to join too.

Since your boss is going to use these maps in a presentation to the board, you upgrade to a pro workspace so you can use your company logo for the loading screen and make her look professional. (The hourly backups and additional collaboration tools are nice too.)

You can't risk competitor data getting mixed up or going public, so you create a separate private project for each competitor.

Here you have 13 collaborators (free), working within a single pro workspace ($10/workspace/month), on three private projects ($20/project/month). Your monthly bill would be $70/month.

How many projects can I have in a workspace?

As many as you want!

Public projects are free and private projects are available for a monthly fee.

How many maps can I have in a single project?

As many as you need!

Having lots of unrelated maps in the same project can be distracting and hurt performance though, so we encourage you to keep unrelated maps in separate projects.

How many collaborators can I have in a single project?

As many as you need!

Public and private projects can both have an unlimited number of collaborators at no extra cost.

Pro workspaces only:
Restrict collaborator access to view-only or give them control of the project by promoting them to managers.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer discounts for students doing classroom work or doctoral research! Just shoot us an email from your .edu address with a little background on what you're working on and we'll hook you up 3 private projects for free.

Nonprofits and community groups are encouraged to check out our postcard pricing.

What is postcard pricing?

We want to make sure Kumu is available to everyone that needs it. If you can't afford to pay our published prices mail us a handwritten postcard explaining why you can't pay and how your use of Kumu will make the world a better place. Thanks for being awesome!

Still have questions? Just ask!