Overcome complexity.

We help the world’s top influencers overcome complexity, using a creative blend of systems thinking, stakeholder mapping, and social network analysis.

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There’s no shortage of well-intentioned people working on issues they care about. There’s no shortage of money being thrown at those issues either.

Why then, do our well-intentioned efforts and investments often leave us no better off? What is it that is holding us back and preventing our best efforts from reaching the large-scale impact we were hoping for?

It turns out it's usually not a lack of passion, expertise, or money. Rather, what's missing is an easy way for strategists to track, understand, and communicate complex relationships.

We need a way to understand the context in which we're working before we try to design strategies to engage it. Without an effective way to communicate our understanding of the problem, how can we ever hope to agree on the right solution?

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“When we were considering various platforms to use, we were won over by the spirit of Kumu's manifesto and their focus on helping social sector leaders make sense of the networks in which they are working for change. Kumu’s thoughtful regard for the nuances of mapping along with their whatever it takes customer service ethic have brought us squarely into their corner!”
Daniel stid 186912fa7283037212a5a447d310e321f848a5b573bb442cc8dd625321c9b88e
Daniel Stid, Director of the Madison Initiative, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation

Humanity United

Building a better brick market in Nepal

In Nepal, more than 250,000 men, women, and children labor in harsh conditions, making and transporting bricks by hand in kilns. The majority of these workers are recruited through a system of predatory loans and seasonal advances that require entire families, including children, to work at these kilns in a futile attempt to collectively repay their debt.

Humanity United (a foundation dedicated to building peace and advancing human freedom) uses Kumu to better understand and account for the complex systems and environments that impact their portfolio of work, and discover how they might engage the system to foster long-term, sustainable solutions.

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Stanford ChangeLabs

Launching Large Scale Sustainable Transformations

Led by Banny Banerjee, Stanford ChangeLabs is a network, a lab, and a global platform generating new paradigms to initiate rapid, large-scale change. Their goal is to equip global leaders and innovators with new frameworks, so they can engage in ill-defined complex issues and prescribe actionable interventions that are designed for scaled impact.

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The Madison Initiative

Making Congress Work Again

The Hewlett Foundation uses Kumu to explore and understand the complex dynamics currently driving Congress' inability to function effectively. By better understanding that reality, Hewlett hopes to influence the conditions in which Congress and its members can effectively deliberate, negotiate, and compromise.

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The art of mapping is to create a context in which other people can think.

Most mapping tools are overwhelmingly technical or frustratingly one dimensional. While they might work well for researchers and academics, they’re not very approachable and aren’t effective at engaging stakeholders.

Kumu helps you create and share maps and strategies that are comprehensive, yet comprehensible. Our rich set of tools will support you all the way from the initial idea to impact.

Use filter and focus to explore subsections of your maps without being distracted and overwhelmed by its entirety.

Use metrics to run powerful calculations that highlight key players and leverage points.

Use issues to raise concerns, challenge assumptions, and engage multiple perspectives.

Use presentations to tell compelling stories that further understanding and build alignment.

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A focus on individual mindsets and motivations is critical for lasting impact, since change is ultimately driven by the behaviors of individuals, not by large heavy-handed efforts.
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“We found Kumu to be an invaluable visualization tool as we mapped the field in which we work. It is simple to learn and tremendously flexible.”
Tom glaisyer 1a26c83f130cc717e0dfae1e0b63134e603194de38226c9e68ec4b274b1fb7e6
Tom Glaisyer, Program Director, Democracy Fund

We’re a small, agile team that’s intensely curious and always searching for more effective ways to create impact. We’d love to hear what works for you and see how we might integrate it into our platform.

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