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Host Kumu wherever you need it to be, with flexible security, compliance, and deployment options.

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Same great features.

We release regular upgrades to make sure Kumu Enterprise has all the same powerful features you’ll find in our standard offering. The upgrade process is seamless and well-documented.

Flexible deployment options.

Self-host Kumu Enterprise on your own servers, or we can manage installation, hosting, maintenance, and updates for you, using Amazon AWS in a geographic location of your choice.

Unmatched security.

With Kumu Enterprise, all data can be encrypted at rest and is fully isolated from other Kumu customers. Kumu Enterprise offers GovCloud support and is compatible with all SAML-2.0-based single sign-on providers.

Reliable performance.

With your dedicated Kumu Enterprise instance, you’ll never have to worry about heavy traffic from other customers affecting the speed of your maps.

Predictable pricing.

Pay per user instead of per project, via annual invoices. Enterprise invoices are payable by credit card, ACH or wire transfer, or check.

Security feature comparison

Security features differ between Self-hosted Kumu and Managed Kumu (cloud-hosted and fully managed by our team). The table below compares security features for these two options.

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What’s the difference between Managed and Self-Hosted Enterprise?

Managed Enterprise is installed and hosted by us on Amazon’s infrastructure. Self-Hosted Enterprise is installed and hosted by you (or your IT team) on a private network of your choice.

Managed Enterprise is the right choice for most use cases, since it gives you a secure, private mapping experience without any of the maintenance cost.

Self-Hosted Enterprise is the better choice for anyone working with regulated data that needs to be kept on-site for compliance, or anyone that needs full control over the technology that keeps your data private and safe.

How is Managed Enterprise secured?

Each Managed Enterprise customer runs on a separate Amazon EC2 instance. All traffic to your projects is encrypted over SSL/TLS using 2048 bit encryption.

Access to your EC2 instance is restricted to Enterprise admins with key-based SSH. Data is encrypted at rest with keys managed and rotated by AWS.

Managed Enterprise offers GovCloud support.

What are the system requirements for Self-Hosted Enterprise?

Self-Hosted Enterprise is delivered as a virtual machine image that includes all software required to get up and running.

You'll also need a compatible virtual machine environment (VMWare or VirtualBox), and we suggest the following hardware minimums:

  • Processor: Two 2.0 GHz cores (or equivalent)
  • Memory: 10GB
  • Disk: 100GB root partition
  • Storage: SAN or locally attached

While not strictly required, we recommend that you have your own IT personnel to manage the Kumu instance, DNS records, SSL certificates, etc.